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Full Focus Journal - Annual Subscription

HI Robert, Thanks so much for the review! -Full Focus Team
Essential tool calmly managing my day and life

I've spent several years looking for the ideal planner to help me organise my day and achieve my goals. I knew I needed a physical paper planner, as although I love my smart phone, I find it is too distracting and unreliable and adds to my stress rather than relieving it. There are a lot of great planners that have been released in recent years and I have tried quite a few of them, but the full focus planner is the one I have stuck with for the last 2 years. The format is clean and uncluttered with everything I need to plan my days, weeks and years and it has greatly improved my productivity. It is also highly customisable - I can make it work with my unique life. As a busy mother, entrepreneur and artist, no two days or weeks are the same for me and it is absolutely essential that I have a good planning system to fit in everything that is important to me. What has made the biggest impact on me is the goal setting system. I had become cynical about goal setting as, despite years of setting annual goals I never, ever achieved them. Since, using the Full Focus Planner and the goal setting system I am starting to see myself achieve some of the goals that have alluded me for years, and when I don't achieve them, the weekly reviews help me see why I didn't achieve them and how I can develop the strategies to work towards or fine tune them in the future. I really love the Full Focus Planner.

HI Alison, Thanks for the review! We're so happy to hear how you have enjoyed the planner. -Full Focus Team
Pretty Good

I enjoy the quality of the journal and the prompting questions are helpful.
I find the choice of space allotment for some questions vs others odd. I wish there were different questions for the weekends.

Hi Richard, Thanks so much for the helpful feedback. We appreciate the review! -Full Focus Team

Full Focus Journal - Annual Subscription

HI David, Thanks for the review! -Full Focus Team
Too long, but I like it.

I’m not a great journaler, but I like this journal. I think the questions format could be a lot shorter - like 5 questions, but hey, it’s great the way it is anyhow.

Hi Nathan! Thanks so much for your honest review! We will be happy to pass along this feedback! -Full Focus Team