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Last one was better

I don’t like the new format and the weekly “preview” portion is harder to navigate. I though breaking it up with a weekend plan was cool, and I miss that part of it. It still serves its purpose though. So for that I’m glad.

Nice upgrade!

I like the updates, just figuring out how to use them.


I love the planner and plan to keep using it!

Keeps me on track!

This is my most important tool I use each day to run 3 companies and raise three kids. Thank you!


I like the way it forces me to think of goals I want to accomplish them as tasks to be accomplished in an organized methodology

Full Focus Planner V2

Hello! Received the new version of the FFP. I like this one better than the last version. It is almost perfect from my point of view. The only suggestion I have at this time is a place to track key daily activities such as sales/annualized premium, # of new clients, exercise, calorie, blood glucose, etc. Perhaps have a chart with some "pre-determined" key activities and then space to write in others.

Full Focus Fulfills

I have found the Full Focus planner to be an excellent tool in my daily and weekly living helping me to fulfill more of my work tasks and life goals. Great clarity in how to use it, well laid out on the page, the design facilitates and encourages taking full advantage of what it has to offer. Two Thumbs Up from me.

Loving the new edition

I really like all the improvements that were made to this edition - I've been a subscriber from the beginning and the original was awesome to begin with - but the team has been inviting our feedback and continuously tweaks to better serve our needs - and the current version is just about perfect for me. As is their customer service and their great events like Achieve 2018. Looking forward to BYE in January 2019. Thanks MH and team!


The updated design makes it even easier to plan.

Great Planner

Pair this with the journal and notebook and you have an excellent combination for achieving anything!!!

Disrupted My Daily Life To Create Efficiency

The Full Focus Planner has been such a big help to me, my family, and my business. Being the CEO or a start up Fintech company can be extremely overwhelming. Between the different directions the software is needing to go in, managing sales, and overseeing our finances, I was lost. This planner has allowed me to be more productive which has lowered my stress levels. The reason why I recommend it to anyone that asks about it is because of what it has done to the relationships around me (family, friends, business partners). It has allowed me to organize my thoughts in a way to bring what really matters to the surface. I love it and I would recommend it to anyone who needs help getting back on track like I did!

Connor Nichols

Love the new layout- font choice

This planner is great! I need to be more disciplined to use it but when I do I get more goals accomplished. Michael Hyatt is a great leader- very disciplined and a great teacher. I always get help when I read or listen to him!

Awesome Planner

I love the new planner. Very complete in every way. Highly recommended!

I love it.

The recent updates make it even more valuable. Thank you!

An Essential Part Of My Business

I'm so glad I upgraded to the annual subscription. The Full Focus Planner is an essential part of my business. Without it, I'm not as focused or productive. This was the first year I was finally able to crush my quarterly goals time and time again and I'm beyond excited to finish Q4 strong. Thanks, Michael for putting together such an amazing tool.

Changed my life!!

Never thought I could be so productive. This tool is the best business strategy I have ever invested in! I expect to continue to optimize my work productivity but more important, I expect to optimize what makes my life meaningful! A measurable and meaningful diary of my daily living.

New edition MUCH better

the new edition is much better. weekly preview and simplifying the goals are my favorite part. Still would like to see annual goals and quarterly goals separated.

Using the Full Focus Planner

I have had my Planner for a few weeks now and I find it has helped me focus my efforts to organize by business and personal life in a way not possible before. I have recently embarked on a new position in a company with nearly unlimited possibilities for growth so the Full Focus Planner is greatly assisting me with channeling my energies in this new endeavor. I highly recommend it along with the Best Year Ever ( BYE) conference in Franklin TN that I plan to attend in January 2019.


It has all the features I needed in a planner. Also needs to help me self-discipline in managing my time and commitments.

Thanks for the focus

Great product and even better service. The online community is very interactive and customer service is extremely responsive and attentive. Thanks for leading well!

One year

I committed to trying the planner one year ago and it has been one of the best told in my life.

Secret Weapon

This is no ordinary planner. It is a secret weapon for productivity. Ordinary planners enable you to record information, but they do not force you to make decisions that enhance your productivity. This one does, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Love the FFP

I have enjoyed using the FFP and will continue to become a master of it due to its nature. My overwhelm has decreased exponentially.


It is just what I needed to pull all my thoughts together and make a clear plan of action. I love the size, the color, the hardback, and the pocket in the back. These features makes it easy to have the planner with me all the time. A key to using it.