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Value Beyond Measure!

I've been using the Full Focus Planner now for nearly 9 months. I can't begin to quantify just how much of a difference this analog planner has made to my productivity, focus and effectiveness. I'm an IT professional, so I love my tech solutions, but there's something magical about the analog, pen and paper, approach to planning out each year, quarter, week, and day. I've found so much value in this tool I can't imagine going back to the old way of doing things.


Too early to say, but I think this planner is going to change my life. I feel a shift coming.

Great Tool

Great tool for keeping the big rocks prioritized. I wish the overall book was smaller and thinner to lend to better travel efficiency. I also wish there were extra pages for each goal type...ie., I have 8 achievement goals but only 6 pages for this.


This is my first quarter using this planner. I have tried many others, none of which fully met my needs. I even ended up trying to create my own. I saw this planner in one of my Strategic Coach meetings - another peer was using it. It seemed to tie all I wanted together so I tried just one. It has been a GAME CHANGER! Not only do I love it but I have already signed up for the quarterly subscription.
We have killed it this quarter and I feel the planner truly helped me stay oon top of our goals, focused, and organized!

Love the planner

I researched this purchase for a long time. After using my own homemade version of the planner for several months I finally bought the real thing! Utilizing this planner daily has been of measurable benefit to me. It is everything if hoped it would be. I'll be purchasing the one year subscription in time for the fall quarter!

It's changed my life!

I LOVE the FF Planner! The Daily Rituals pages ALONE was worth the cost! My focus and productivity the last couple of weeks has been amazing! The big thing that has helped me is that I decided not to try to use the planner "perfectly." Some days I don't fill out everything. Some weekends I don't plan. But I'm learning, and I'll get there! I'm going to Michael's conference in Nashville in a few weeks, and I've already purchase the 5 Days to your Best Year Ever course. I'm hooked!!


I wish I could give it 100 stars

A Revolutionary Help

I have canceled meetings I had set up after reading this book. I will never run a meeting the same way again. Excellent material and help for leaders.

FFP - Excellent Rituals!!!

The Full Focus Planner has been a great tool to organize my habit of making lists. It has helped me focus on task completion, prioritization and journaling important notes for better client service. This whole process has helped me to be more focused, effective, efficient and is a stress reducer. Thank you so much MH and Team! Steve A

Full Focus Planner

I love having everything in one book that holds my goals for each year, quarter, month, and week. It is the perfect size to carry with me to every appointment.

The Full Focus Planner Keeps This ADD Mom Organized

I have ADD, I'm a small business owner, and I'm a parent of four. Needless to say, I need all the help with focus I can get. The Full Focus Planner is awesome for helping me drill down to my most important tasks for the day in each area: parenting, work, and taking care of the home. It's been invaluable for keeping my day, my week, and my quarter on track.

Full Focus Planner

I love the built in accountability. This planner guides me in planning my day/week and holds me accountable. Focused success has followed. Thank You!

Full Focus Planner

This program hurts. And has been one of the hardest things I've ever worked through. With that said, I wouldn't change it a bit. Because it's change that is causing my discomfort, and the Full Focus Planner is changing how I run my days, and I'm loving it.
I've always been successful and been considered a "high-achiever", but have done so by the seat of my pants and working more instinctively than strategically. At 55 yrs old, deciding to change and become more strategic and goal focused is a change I didn't make lightly, but knew that to break through this ceiling I kept hitting, I needed a new plan. Change is painful. Physically painful when you decide to get in shape and mentally painful when you decide to think differently. I'm already seeing results for myself and my team. I'm glad I took the leap into a new direction with the Full Focus Planner.

A Great Product

I really think this will help me. In the first few weeks I have accomplished more than in the previous six months in certain key areas.

planner review

Overall, this is proving to be very helpful. I run a business that operates on atypical hours so I have to be a bit creative with the planner but it overall works really well for me.

On My Way

When I first got my Full Focus Planner, I did not want to write in it. It was so good looking and well laid out. It has everything I need to plan my day, but I did not want to write in it and mess it up. I took Michael’s advice and got the erasable ink pen (btw I love the pen). For the first week I did not use it. Again scared to write in it and mess it up. However, the second week I committed to the Planner and I am “On My Way”. I still not fully using all of the features yet. I need to re-watch the videos and “go for it”. I love the Full Focus Planner. I only got an order for 1 in order to just to try it out, but I will been ordering a full year in the future.

Love it!

I love my top three! Keeps me focused on task for the day.

Overall great. Takes time to learn how to use it

I think the planner is great. Still trying to figure out how to use it so I form better habits, such as having more reflection time and improving planning. It has already reduced my anxiety of worrying that things are not done. The Facebook site is a huge help to see how others do it. I wish there were multiple webinars (1 hr) to help me “jump in” faster during the first quarter using the planner. It takes time to practice and having webinars would help.


I've been telling all my friends about the Full Focus Planner because it is so effective! I've been searching for something like this for a long time. I have gotten more done in the last two WEEKS with this planner than I have in the last two MONTHS prior to using it. And even better? I feel more rested and less frazzled!

I have always sort of rolled my eyes at other journals or planners like this, that claim to help you achieve your dreams, but really just end up creating pointless busy work.
Michael Hyatt has designed something very different. He has perfectly combined the straightforward and precise qualities of a common day-timer with the ingenuity and insight of a passion planner. You can tell there has been a lot of research, experience, and psychology that has gone into designing this planner.

I'll be honest, though: this isn't for everyone. I would say this is specifically designed for thinkers, achievers, and planners - type A personalities and the like. This requires a lot of diligent writing and intentional checking in every day, so it isn't for someone who would rather just drift through their week. But if you want more clarity in achieving your biggest goals, more motivation in your daily grind, and focused courage to tackle the most terrifying giants in your life, then get this planner.

Long story short: IT WORKS.

This Planner IS IT!

This Planner fits ALL my needs, both personally and professionally! I am starting to use and recommend it for my coaching business and online training.

The Full Focus Planner is the Best

I have used a lot of planners and this one is the best. The only thing I would change would be to include 3 undated monthly calendars for overview. I love having all the space for notes and goal setting. And the quality of the binding and paper is great. I will be getting a subscription.

What an amazing planner!

I have to preface that I’m so grateful that I came across Michael Hyatt and his incredible products, guidance and support. Not only did I take his Best Year Ever course, but also Free to Focus, Leaderbox, and the Free to Focus Planner. I am all in! Already seen incredible transformation in my life even though I have not applied this planner consistently yet, there’s a lot of preparatory work that goes into it for the newbie. I love their tutorial videos and I have watched them already four times and probably will watch them four times more. This is a system that you don’t get overnight. It takes some time to incorporate in your daily life. So I’m still in the process of doing that. What I would recommend is If you are new to having a daily planner, just know it takes some time to get use to and to fully understand the process and layout. I still have two empty planners. But I definitely will renew for a year next year, just 2 months later. I absolutely love Michael Hyatt products and online courses, they totally speak my language. Their whole team is amazing and I thank them so much for their continued support and guidance.

weighing medown...

I wish it were lighter as it weighs down my briefcase/backpack.

Feeling accomplished

The planner has helped me get organized, reflect on what is really important to me, and start to move towards my key goals. It has been helpful too in reflecting on how I can do better in my day to day actions to live the life I really want! A great investment!

Great for mom’s!

I’ve only been using it for a few weeks but already this planner is helping me so much! My husband first ordered one to help him with his business and then when I checked it out I decided to try it, too. Not every detail applies to my life as a mom working just part time but I can adapt most of it to fit my situation. I love the Workday Startup and Workday Shutdown routines which I use for prepping meals and school bags in the morning and cleaning up the kitchen at night. I also love the Ideal Week and the Weekly Review. It is so helpful to have one place to keep on top of everything at home and at my part time jobs and to also feel like I’m finally making intentional progress toward some of my non-urgent but important goals.