No Fail Meetings

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No Fail Meetings: 5 Steps to Orchestrate Productive Meetings (and Avoid all the Rest) is a physical resource to help you plan & execute meetings that win, and avoid ones that don’t. With meeting agenda templates, scripts for backing out of meetings, and wisdom on how to conduct your meetings, you can almost guarantee productive meetings for you and your team. Let this proven 5-step system for meetings revolutionize how your meetings are done.

Leadership Package (Just Order 10 or more) 

Want to change the culture of meetings for your entire team? With our Leadership Package for No Fail Meetings, you can get incredible savings for 10 copies of No Fail Meetings. This book, in the hands of your entire team, will ensure you maximize your meetings, and spend less time in bad meetings.

No Fail Meetings - Team Package (50+)

If your team is larger than 50 people, you can enjoy a discount of $9.99/book (our lowest price yet). This book, in the hands of your entire company, will 10x the results of your meetings. Become the hero of your workplace by putting No Fail Meetings in the hands of every company member.

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Customer Reviews

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A very practical and desperately needed focus for the business community

This book is just what I needed to jolt me out of my complacency regarding the meetings I have created and that I attend. It's an extremely easy read and immensely practical. As a result, I'm currently running all of my meetings through the decision-making matrix that Hyatt recommends within this book to evaluate what meetings are no longer needed, need tweaking, can be handled in a different format or maybe don't need me in attendance. I'm looking forward to the re-organizing of my time so that our whole business can function in a more value-added way.

No Fail Meetings

Very insghtful and practical. I will not approach meetings the same way after reading this much-needed book.

Brief, reinforcing guidelines for meeting execution

While I expected something a bit longer, Michael calls out salient points regarding meetings. Good insights on the time wasted in meetings. Will re-read and triage my own meeting behaviors both as host and participation. Thanks, Michael!!!

Great Reminders and practical advice

I enjoyed having many tips presented in one place and practically. The world would be a dramatically better place with better meetings. I'm going to go do my part as a leader to step it up.

Love it!

No Fail Meetings is an easy read and gets to the point. I love it! I may not be able to change the culture of my dept, but I can use the information to more effectively host meetings I am in charge of. Even better, cut out the meetings all together when an email or simple conversation will do. I highly recommend this book!