Clear Goals

Design meaningful goals and use the planner’s prioritization framework to create tasks that move you closer to achievement.

Less Overwhelm

Traditional planners have you create long to-do list that feel impossible to achieve. The Full Focus Planner helps you narrow your list for less overwhelm and more achievement.

Guaranteed Progress

Follow the planner’s planning and prioritization system to guarantee progress on your goals, even when life gets busy.

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Customer Reviews

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Educational bonus

For the price of the planners, I would have loved to receive the bonus of some education around how to use it, rather than being pushed into a membership site funnel after purchase. This may be the best planner out there... but I can’t tell if the time management system behind it warrants my accolades.

HI Patti, Thanks so much for the review! Please be sure to check out the planner tutorials for help on how to use the planner! -Full Focus Team

I have watched the videos and haven't fully started using but will... my only concern is I didn't realize I would also have to pay duty to ship to Canada so wasn't thrilled about the additional cost. I've also bought Michael's get published course and find I can't seem to get to implementation on any of this so the videos/tips will help!

HI Helen, Thanks so much for the review! We appreciate your feedback! -Full Focus Team
Excellent planner

The planner along with the online videos are great. Now just to make a habit of it.

One problem was the massive delay getting cleared by customs into Canada and the additional duties. If there is a way to have the costs included in the price and have it expedited through that would make it a five star rating for sure.

Hi Shane, Thanks so much for the review! We appreciate your feedback! -Full Focus Team
Love it!

The colours are great and the slight change to interior design of the book is fantastic. Great job!

HI Greg, Thanks for the review! -Full Focus Team
First Bold

FFP has been part of my life for a few years now. Tried Bold Edition for the 1st time and love the change.

Hi Stephen, Thanks for the review! -Full Focus Team